I'm Alex :)

Clumsy Mind

Zzz ... was having a stupid thinking this few days. Hmm ... whether to hold the past or to get a better one? Sometimes you will look back your past whether is it good to hold the belief or you should really learn something new in order to be a SMART BOI and avoid yourself as a naive animal anymore. What Malay said - merunsingkan fikiranku. What a complicated thought that is running in every nerve within me. Sooooooooooooo hard to make decision on this point.

Argggghhh, year 2008 really not a good year for me. There is a SiFu told me that this is not a good year to start any business. But we just ignored her advice and thought we can fight off the challenges, yet we are just 50% doing what we belief it will happen. But we still manage to get a draw instead of just listening to SiFu. hope what SiFu words to me will really come true. 2009 will be the best year for me and a lot changes will happen to me. Hmm, left 9 more days then can say bye bye to this terrible years. Personally really wish that this 9 days can at least let me see and taste some good fruits. What i should do have already been done - pray to GOD, do my job, speaks where it need my advice, opens for all advices, take initiative to build network and never say DIE when hard time comes.

Hmm ... everyone said i am a fighter / risk taker / challenger / dare devil. Yaaa , i admit all this nicks is darn suitable for me. Never regret of what i am doing now. Never regret that i never enter to bank industry and having my leg shaking everyday and in the end have a good paid every end of the month. Because i know that once my works turn fruitful, my paid will be 100000 times more than those who having a good start than me.

I felt so bad lately because never fulfill the promise that i have made for my dad. Never earn enough to go back hometown before next year chinese new year (thou now is still early to say that i am confirm lose in the battle, but the current situation is just too dark for me) Dad, sorry !! I am ashame of what i have not yet done perfectly. But i promise will keep my hard work in order to fulfill what i have promised to you. Will make some good strikes before going back to hometown next year. Oh GOD, please do lend a helping hands for me. Without luck there is no hope to see rainbow in the sky.

Ishhh ... just ate some Tong Yuen with James and gangs at Beans Shop just now as it was Dong Zhi last night. Hmm .. why i dont have the feeling of homesick ?? Is it im kinda busy with my current business till that i have lost my feeling bout returning to my frozen land?? i wish to go back my land with a lot fortune on hands. Rather than going back there and listen to those relatives bad and negative words on me. They usually will ask, how much your paid per month, what work you doing ? Hows your life ? BULL SHIT.. sick of listening all this lame greetings. I just want to earn more in order to go back there proudly. Dont want to see any two-faced human coming over and show off in front of me.

=) today just wore the new T-Shirt that i bought and got pray pray from the temple. Hmm .. feeling sooooo lucky. Got to met someone that i really wish to see. Then got some good experience. Even usually it will traffic jam but i still can avoid it. Is it the power of GOD? Is it transffering to me? Thanks a lot if it is true. will work more hard + the luck is coming to me, i shall see more rainbows in the sky.

oh gawd ... silly baka berry. told me reading blog , thought of that she will read mine, telling me someone blog it out and dedicate to her. #$@%#$^#% ,my blog never dedicate to you meh ?? Cheh , just that you cant catch the words and sentences that i dedicate to you mah , read carefully la next time. Got hidden message inside one la !! =__________= play castle war lose jor then show me F5 and kick me aside. Haiz ... pity me !! FATED to lose to you every matches that i am going to play with you ... Only lose to you can get a F3. alamak betulll ...

Sei zai Bao xiao Wai, no need come back KL jo. Wont invite you join any party anymore. Cheh .. it is James birthday la, takkan u want all of us move the partee to Penang purposely for you ark, you the one should come back here. Zzz ... only one siao za po willing to move the whole party to Pg, thats your --- Suai GE~~~ !! SEe you Sei MM Sei . Better move your ass back to Subang. We counted your head in the party jo la. And bring back some boxes of Tau Sar Peng for me ark !! Long time never Jiao those nice nice Tau Sar Peng already. ngek ngek ngek .. help me 'WAT' wei lun buy me one box too. Wakaka ... im sure he is willing to treat me one. Tell him will go visit him next year when i got my trip to Pg. By that time baru treat him back. Or ask him crawl down to KL, we bring him go Kai Kai !! muahaha ... Xppp !!

I Miss You
=Alex To=
Thought i heard your voice yesterday
Then i turn around to Say
that i love you then i realise
thats just my mind playing trick on me
Its seem colder lately at night
and i try to sleep with the lights on
Everytime the phone ring
i Pray to GOd is you
i just cant believe
that were not true
I miss you
Thats no other way to say it
and i cant deny it
I miss you, its so easy to see
i miss you and me
Have we really change our mind
bout each other love
all the feeling that we used to share
i refused to believe
Wow .. listening to this music lately quite frequently (actually i just listen to Stuck On You and I Miss you , keep repeating this songs for almsot 1 month) then thought of stop the music and try to memorize out the feeling and lyrics hiding inside this song. Then ... Deng deng deng ... there it is ... hope it is at least 80% of the full item. At least , this is the song that i keep listening and holding the belief that i am really believing for all the while.
Harrrr chuuuuuuu .... morning again. is time to prepare my work as later got a meeting with smart network sdn bhd once i reach KL. And tuesday meeting with Air Asia plus wednesday (if we shall get the arrangement) meet with KingSoft Authorized dealer. Oh my oh my ... i love my life now !! But i am too desperately to see the results from the hard work i have invested all this while... Lets sit patiently and see the shows ... =)