I'm Alex :)

a new ability

started to know why am i so foolish, it includes all the other human being in this world. Because they dont stay for long enough. they dint live for long enough in this world. They dint see what they are capable of, what they are forbidden from, and we are all just a dumb. Knowing why sometimes i am so souless, mindless, directionless -- this is because i dont live long enough and experience strong enough on my life. From now on, i want to live life to the max.

Being bad shape externally is not really always a bad choice. I love to be inner peace rather than cheating the whole world of being a good boy look and actually is a wild man inside. Puuiii ... puke !! Those who still pretending they are a good boi, welcome to the end of the world. We rulez among friends because we got the ability to do so. An ability that i figure out today. Really. Its an amazing power. No one is going to deny that.

But one thing for sure must be settled first - financial problem. If i aint making the way as i planned, personally i do not think that the ability will sustain for long until i see the financial freedom is coming the way towards me.

oh yea ... thanks for being so rajin all the way --- james. You deserved more than anyone do. Because u have surrended your soul and mind to TwoMAds. I knew we wont waste our effort this time, really !! Its not any other big game i have involved in before, this is special one . I felt that if we are going to bear with all this suffering for few more days, we shall see the project turn fruity.

i have a dream to own a house with the view of nature. but it seem like Kuala Lumpur is hardly for me to own one. Its time to move my ass back to hometown to get a piece of my very own home sweet home. Because i love to see the night view of the nature, listen the bird singing every little morning and enjoy the night breeze that come all the way from the moutain. Oh ya .. if you have been to kinabalu national park before, you should know what is the feeling i am going to write it out .

i dont read mind. but i read the body language. Thats my new ability. i cant tell why i can do this. This is like when i first meet my very first enemy, i knew she is those type of bitch that i going to hate, but i pretend it is nothing because i dun wan to create any misunderstanding between my Ex galfren and her frens. so everything still happened and i guessed my bet is right , the fella is a bitch. She spoiled part of my life. this is what we called fate, no one can change it. Second proof, i sense a friend that is deemed to half a mentally splitted sickness. I told the friends that are related in that incidents, everyone laugh me including my ex galfren, they said i m a fool and i think too much. But end up, they are surprise why m i the first one to get to know all this first. The girl is annabelle. Lols .. i really dont know why i can sense all this out when i really get into the matter. somehow or somewhat , i really can read part of their mind.

And it is like .. when i see my gang of friends, i knew they will help me along my ways, i know who is going to be my brothers all the way, who should i cherish and WHO is those coming all the way and wanna con the help from me. Or some say -- PIG AND DOG friends. really , i see it clear now. Thats why i m trying to avoid myself from them, because they really dont worth a penny. They will come ask for support when they felt like it. But do they really think back, when i going to ask for support, how many fxxking lame excuses have they gave me to avoid from the touch of topic. This is what we called life. Its better u give a lot and gain a bit if you a free from mind trouble. But we are still normal human being, we used to ask a lot , give a bit. Thats WE - HumaN.

Ya, how come i love to write a lot when i talk less. Duno la bro n sis , i jsut felt like i love to blog and write when i think the topic is on my mind. And oh yea .. i m not SAD any more. Because i see the one i really wanted to spend the rest of my life already. Thou is SD but no more available. Single but not available yet i am so despo !! LOLS ..

okie la .. for those who have the patients to read my blog without telling me to stop and putting more pic instead of words, i very appreciate your time spending on my blog and my life !!!

Okay okay .. later my sweetheart peggie is going to kill me for writing so much again. Lols .. i just dont want my blog looks so dead. Im not you .. suka suka then write .. suka suka then upload your pic !! LOLS .. we are going to meet in Pc Fair and have our lunch right ?? i wont laugh at your height this time, promised !!