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Hahah .. thou working now is pretty busy and tiring. But after finish my proposal and proposal and proposal again, and replying all the god damn mails. i choosed to blog again. Suddenly got the strong feeling for blogging. Sorry ya dad !! Dint call you in this morning as i promised one but really too busy la !! Dont angry me if you get to read this post. You know how much i love you and how hard i work-ing now in order to get the best deals for you.

Talking back to auto mobile, we called it CAR la!! dont care your lansi buruk car or sport car la or luxury car !! as long as got 4 wheels one okie liao !! now i mentioning and blogging bout 4 wheels one !! bukan those rempit guna 2 tayar punya !! ahem ahem .. come bak to topic ..

My dad used to tell me, boi ark when you go out work, when will you get enough money to buy me a car !! Really !! i dont know whether my old ojisan still remember what he requested from me or not !! If he tak ingat, thats the best point lo !! hohoho !! can save money what !! but i darn sure he will remember one !! Hmm .. thats why i trying to find a suitable model now for him. After a long period of choosing, i think get him a Camry should be nice. But my aunty next door is having a Camry now. So better dont use the car, later they will say we follow them. Then, think har think har and go youtube watch a lot of car performance and review, thinking of my dad is going to 60 soon. Volvo, Mercedes and BMW is more suitable for him. But check back to my piggy bank, is out of budget. Zzzz ... then gotta dig more into the car magazine.. Deng deng deng ... finally get on some nice car for my dad. Honda Accord. The new Honda Accord should be suit him. =. = but as what i knew .. for the premium Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L (2.0 is just a crap la, the car so freaking fat still use 2.0CC only meh,how u want to accelerate it wor) the pricing is around RM172,800 . hmm, still fall within my budget.

Sob .. but if like that then i gonna wave good bye for my Audi A4 2.0T Quattro B8. Zzz .. my dream car for now !! But that silly Audi A4 B8 (comes with V8 engine) will cost around RM 268,000. Its Fxxxing Expensive leh. But every forthnight i am dreaming bout my lovely car. Hmm ... Zzzz, what to do !?!?! buy two cars one shot = killing me ! bcoz all what i earned will be invested in car. Buying one car alone still okay geh !! Think har think har .. force my dad take loan or force my silly brother pinjam loan better. Then i will take up the repayment responsibility !! hohoho ..

But yet still need to change my purchase to Mitsubishi Lancer X which will cost me around RM 120,000 ONLY ! =. = then now ma ngam already lor the budget. At first want to get Audi S4, around RM300k one. Now use RM300k budget get two cars. Win Win situation plus every parties are happy. = .=

okie .. here is my darling .. WRV 8782 !!! wakaka ... picture speaks a million !! see how nice is my car !! okay !! cut down the crap and go back to work is the SMARTEST CHOICE for now !!