I'm Alex :)

Too NEAR | Too FAR

Sometimes when we are too close on something, we would not cherish it !! We would not take care of it and we indirectly take things for granted.

Sometimes when we get closer to something, we would not see the whole picture of it. We cant even know how to describe the details of it.

And sometimes when you closer to something, you will get offended, get pressure, get annoyed, get disgrace and get disappointment from the target that you are going to.

But, i would not take things for granted as i have experienced lots from my life. I would not carelessly let go off things that is closer to me. Everything thats near me will not be treated as normal occation as i will cherish every little steps that i have made in order to get things closer to me.

I have my own dream to pursue. A dream that makes me giant in mental, dream that make me tougher when i see nightmare, dream that me stronger in everyway that i should be. People said that the crazy boi is starting to lost its lust of being joker; because this crazy boi is heading to the way that he should go instead of chasing other fake dreams. He saw his dream laying ahead of some moutains. By climbing over this few obstacles, shall he sees the best sun rise of the world.

Summary of Last week PC FAIR - KLCC PC FAIR iii 2008. is getting more attention from the public as the fair is going successfully if this is counted as in the awareness that we are wanted to get from the fair. But externally, the sales that we wished to have during this fair is far behind our planning. What to do? We are just one month old baby in the market. By having 120k hits per day and more than 2000 unique visitors for one month time, what do you expect more from ?? We got some feedbacks from the visitors, people will ask whether we got competitors or not in the market? The answer is : DEFINITELY YES. But could any of them take the steps that we are taking? Are they daring to tell the world what they are doing ? Do they dare to bring in some services to the public and show it out to the public in a fair ?? The answer is -- only MADNESS from dare to do so. No one have ever trying to exposed their own internet brand in big scale fair. For your information, joined 2008 GEW (Global Entrepreneur Week) during nov 2008 and getting more exposure to the market by joining Dec 2008 PC FAIR iii 2008.

Beside that, question as in how we differ from the Milliondollarhomepage, for such a question, i think that the visitors should go on the FAQ page and read it themselves. We add in a lot of value for our advertisers and visitors. We got Specific Top Ad Banner to display our advertisers company information comparing to the original ideas that is just purely an idea. And yet, we bring in more fun for everyone. And we not cheating the public by telling everyone we taking the money for studying, instead we be transparent by showing it out that we will donate part of the money for Charity. Proof will be showed in whenever any events are organising or joining by TwoMAds.

Once again, whats the benefit of advertising with TwoMADs? Thats simple, how on earth that ones can adopt a latest methodology to advertise one's brand by just using a very little money but for a longer and lasting chapter than any of the traditional way of advertising. Plus, pixel advertising from is just way too good for all of the advertisers because their brand might be viewed by MILLIONS of visitors in the future.

Song by Third MAd - Raqib: TwoMAds TwoMAds GOGOGO. TwoMAds TwoMAds kawanku! :)

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