I'm Alex :)


Ahhhh .... what a boring weekend !! slept on 5am , but woke up around 930am just now !! Hmm .. first thing to do sure washed all my dirty clothes !! Accumulated for one week already !! then still felt boring and disturbing my Keep Bleeding Housemate !! His nose dont know got what problem ... keep bleeding only !! since last night bleed like water fall !! Lols .. guess that he is going to be admitted to hospital soon !! Lols Xppp !!
Iron clothes , clean my room , hang clothes bla bla bla !! all the house work has been done !! hmm .. how come this week felt so boring !! nothing to do at weekend !! Gonna crazy soon !! Haha .. i am so surprised as i receiving a text msg from Danny who is now in Sydney !! (^^,)v
so sweet to recieve greeting from friend !! hehe !! = D
haiz .. how come all my job still no news !! really gonna faint in my own room soon !! grow mould ! grow mushroom and grow a lot of vege on my head already !! i want to WORK !! i want get PAID !! sobs .... someone HELP !!! >.<
OMG ... just read on the Paper !! Bravo Oranje !! Oranje 4-1 Les Bleu !! What a DUTCH class !! Sneijder was on the score sheet !! good !! but my favourite playmaker Rafael van Der Vaat was not producing any goal yet !! Hmm ... Lols .. last night matches dont know will make how many gamblers jump sea and run road again !! lols ... never expect Les Bleu to lose on a big score line plus never Expect that Mutu is stunning the Azzuri !! Lols ... Bookmaker damn clever !! one shot kills so many lifes !!
Blurp blurp !! How come today my tele machine not yet rang rang n beep beep !! thought to have plan go to club tonight and right after that go on street to join some protest !! ngek ngek ngek !! Turun lar Hargar Minyak Serta Merta !! Kalau tidak , banyak aksi lagi akan dilanjutkan oleh masyarakat Malaysia !! xDDD