I'm Alex :)

Yessss ..... Gonna ROAR like a LIon

wahaah ... 13 June !! Today ... yeap ... my happy day !! one of my biggest day in life too !! thou we cannot celebrate together !! but i think my parcel have arrived your placed right ?? hope you will like it !! wakaka !! what la ?!?! always complaint bout i dint shave up !! hmm ... sometime the little bit of hair cannot really clean up one la !! Lols .. and it wont scared away girls !!

Plus YOU are officially free from today !! finished YOUR exam !! i guessed you sure will go out alone shopping !! because its your time !! Thou ur kawan is all exam !! hehe !!

Kie bahs ... i gonna roar like a lion and celebrate it here without YOU !! and u also will celebrate there with your frens !! Hmm ... wish u get whatever u expect , and have a lot prezzie !! You always love friends sending prezzie for YOU !!! Zzzzz ... Kies bahs !! All da best to YOU !! LOls ..