I'm Alex :)

FOOL around !!

Hmm ... recently i have the feeling that our government is fooling us around !! always promise us something before they get their parliament seat and authority but they wont do what they have promised us until they faced with really great pressure or before any election period !! Sigh .. Malaysia government sucks to the max !! Xppp , but East Malaysia Government is a lot better ! Tell out one , at least will do half of it !! =) Proud to be Sabahan !! wohoho !!
Waaaa ... After the hike of petrol , there are a lot protest happened !! Hmm .. this coming saturday night i will join the Protest too outside Jalan Ipoh !! anyone want to join ?? Lols .. we can go Poppy Garden first , after that act Drunk and come out Protest with those crazy fellas !! ngek ngek ngek !! hmm .. 3 more days is the important day for me !! So stresss .... Yeap o , good luck in your exam wor uncle wai !!
i have been jobless for the past 7 months !! measuring the all the subang roads here everyday !! but , good news are , i m going to get my job soon !! not later than beginning of July , so exicted to start my working life !! cannot wait of it !! GOD always fool me around , when i want my business start , they dont even want to start , but when i want to get a job and start work , my business is going to start soon !! I am happy that my business is really going to start soon for this time , no more stop sign , hurdle, big rocks bla bla bla to hinder our movement to my great great revolution on advertising !! But , i still will work temporarily for others until i really get my funds come in and start as a Senior Manager in my company !! Wakaka ... Just have a thought on it also can make me cant sleep well in the night !! Too happy to hear those good news coming in !!
James , William !! Lets move faster a bit this time to see our hardwork get fruits out !! i knew 3 of us are having a slow pace recently , sometime i got the idea of abandon what i have done for this long time , but thanks that you both still stand beside me and encouraging me along this hard road !! Finally , we listen what we hope to hear ; we see what we wish to happen ; and finally , its all depend on us !! :) aja- aja Fighting !! one to 3 more months we shall see what is really belong to us come to us !!
Hmm .. wondering who knows which hotel located inside KL city , around the Lot 10 or Sungei wang , is a 3- 5 stars hotel !! i need to book hotel for my parents on coming July but do not have any idea which hotel is a value hotel but their grade must at least 3 stars !! 4 stars is the best choice but if all of the mentioned are fully booking , i will go for a 5 stars one for my parents !! sob ... cannot use too much budget on it because i was using own money to prepare accomodation for my parents !! somemore now i still unemploy !! so , any good hearted friends would like to comment down here and let me know the choices available !! i will go ask one by one by myself !! or any of my friedns got lobang to help me get a good hotel on a cheap price !! thanks in advance for those who are going to comment me after reading my request here !! thanksssss !!!