I'm Alex :)


Slowly raining is going to fall down !! But , today i cant see a drop of rain !! The sound of the raining , is just like a scenario in my heart !! Pathethic ... very pathetic !! Slowly , i can listen your foot steps outside my house , you running to me just like the very old days we used to stay together !!
How i wished that i am blind so that i could not see you that day !! How i wished i will not wake up from my dream so that i can stay in the alexlynn wonderland !! Having to know that it is a game of dead or alive , but i still risk myself to place the bet !! The pond is still full of fishes , this make sense that i must forget and let go !!
If got dateline , can you just lie me till i dead ?? if there is a limit , can you just let me offence whatever rules and regulation that i must obey !! Actually , this is better to tell you , Kiss u is better than blame you !! Love you is better than kill you off my memory !!
The fact is - you going to choose your path yourself !! You can come back home whenever you like !! So ... it is adviced to let go before it stab another knife to your heart !! and it is a good advice that i dreamed of you in my wonderland and kiss you every day in my dream !!