I'm Alex :)

I'M New Face of Failure

I just joined a new group new LOSER !! Younger and Prettier , But not any better off !!! 8 months of Employment period !! Doing nothing better !! Just a Professional slacker !! Sigh .. what a sign of LOSER !!
Recently getting more pressure from a lot of sides !! Pressure from parents pushing me to get a job !! Pressure from siblings asking me to get some income !! OMFG ... Looking at friedns who are same batch with me and started their job long time ago , i am just nothing worth to compare with !! Feeling so down !! Arghhh .... what a hard life !! >.< !!
Luckily still got one last resort for me - Malaysia Airline !! Not sure whether still got the chance to work in there or not !! But , will try hard to get the job !! T___T throwing out self pride , lowing down self rank , forgetting that i hold a prestige degree !! i am gonna rush in to one field and fight for my own !!
How come life so sucks and worst !! Haiz .. been experienced down period so often during this 8 months of unemployment war !! Seem like no one understand my situation ! no one giving me the support and advice that i want to seek for !! i am so lost and so sad !! T____T everytime i just telling out that :'please dont worry bout me , i am fine ' !! who knows behind this phrase is that i m not fine at all , i need shelther , i need help !! no one !! yeah .. god dam it , no one !! only can finding something to pray and rely for , something that is not real --- Amitofo and GOD !!
Arghhhh .... urgently need support from all my friends !! What if my Dad knows my situation and support me , i am so glad if he does !! i am so STRESS UP @_@ somebody hellllllllp me !! T__T !