I'm Alex :)

Papa's Day

Wahaha .. have a wonderful father's day ever in my life !! My dada is coming find me for breakfast on this very special day !! Hmm ... thought will kena some lesson already but instead you giving me confident to do my things !! Delaying the dateline that what it should be !! and telling me that what should i head to !! Thanks ... felt really warm with it !!

Opps ... what happen with my MSN !! cannot sign in whole day !! Sigh ... stupid Live messenger , suka suka then dont let u sign in !! Idiot application !!!

Lols ... what lar hen ke pa !! YOU alone felt scary only , others see it as FASHION !! Lols ... Xppp !! Ya la ya la .. sob , do not ever mention bout my round tummy !! haiz .. waht la YOU !! said till -GG- then muahaha with YOUR baka son over there !! what to do !! now become so round already !! haiz ... gonna take up some fitness course to keep away my round tummy !! sigh ...

Buu ... just wake up not too long ago !! thought can watch replay on goal scoring EURO match !! who knows now then start kick off on both matches !! Yawnnnnnnn .... Zzzzz !!