I'm Alex :)

IT Graduate NEEDED !!

Friend of mine hiring IT Graduate Student !! Working experience is not a must !!! Basic Salary start from RM 2500 !! Any one interested can leave a message here with your name and phone number !! Will contact the selected person ASAP !!

Uhu .. interview is like a war !! i'm one of the soldier !! Enough of losing , enough of falling .. Finally i smell some winning taste ! I saw some precious chance and i would not let it fall again tomorrow !! An important 3rd interview on my job !! Lols , how come this company set so many rules before recruiting a new force !! Hmm ... hope this time really succeedd on it !!! i cannot wait to start my work soon !! Thou it is that kind of nine to five or nine to six !! i would not mind it too !! Because i gonna buy a house soon !! Lols .. promising my brother to get a job soon so that we can plot a life plan together !! a nice house !! no need to rent a room from others !! helping others to pay up the installment of house payment !! hmmm .... here i come !! Pacific group !! (^^,)v