I'm Alex :)


Count count count , Subtract Add and Tolerant with a lot of Facotrs !! Finally , my mathematic formulae came out a superb answer , monthly salary RM 2200 is the minimum of my requirement if i want to settle down in Kuala Lumpur !!

Monday - Friday (Working) One day 4 Meals , one Meal RM 5 = RM 20 per days !! One Week 5 Days and 4 Weeks one Month = RM 400 for Meals on Normal working Days !!

Saturday & Sunday (Rest) , Should treat myself well for the hardwork i gone for the past few days , RM10 for McD in the morning , RM 20 for some extra nice food for lunch and Rm 10 for dinner ! 2 days per week and 4 weeks per month = RM 360 for Meals on Weekend !! There is 2 more days left in order to complete the meal allowances for a normal 30 days month ! so i round it up RM 400 for meals on Weekend !!

Eat already Use RM 800 !! Now rental around Kuala Lumpur should be around RM400 ! Then if i owned an economically automobile , now it should directly go for New Generation of Saga !! One month need to pay installment of RM 400 for the rest of my 9 years !! Then Saga is fit with a fuel tank of 40litrle volume !! now petrol price is RM3 per litre , it means RM 120 for full tank and it only last for 7 days normal driving !! No long journey or Racing , just a normal drive !! One month need to pump 4 times , it means RM 480 for petrol allowance !! Parking and Toll Fee is another headache topic , just round it up as RM 200 for parking and toll fee !!

Okie , its time to sum it up the figure , Single life , no Pak Tou , no club , no shopping , no saving and no present at all !! Lets see how much i must use in order to live in KL !! Meal (800) + rental (400) + car installment (400) + petrol (480)+ parking n toll (200) = RM 2280 !! Ya , forget to add in insurance for car !! hmm ... a lot thing not yet add in already need RM2280 to live in KL , if my salary is just RM2200 , how come i survive here ?? Sigh .. what the heck with our government , everything want to rise the price , inflation , but only salary want to keep it as low as possible , and everyday sing to their beloved citizen Low Low Low Low Low on your salary !! What the heck la , for the coming working interview , if the boss do not offer me RM 2400 and above , i will show out all my calculation for him or her , let her do some consideration for me !! if want a worker to commit their best to the company , at least let them eat till full full , have a comfortable living environment , if not , they will only want to slack around company and wait till 5.30pm go to work for their other part time business !! =) Malaysia Memang Boleh , Babi hanya ingat makan duit masyarakat Malaysia !!

To be proud of Chinese Malaysian , we need not depend on Government , because we knew they are sucks enough since my Granpa's generation , Chinese will have their own determination and power to go thru all this hard stage !! (^^,) i am proud to be a Malaysian Chinese !! Say Tak Nak to MELAYU Government !! Nasihat Kerajaan Malaysia , Inflasi Merbahayakan Kesihatan !!