I'm Alex :)


Wow ... finally can online at home !! But , due to too many days shortage of line to get into internet , guess that my housemate is downloading his porn as much as possible !! making the line so laggy for the past few days !! until now i still cannot online properly !! what the heck ...

the funniest thing in my house is that the one who live beside me always making some funny sounds !! always is in term of everyday at least one !! they probably dont know the wall that separate my room and his is made of wood !! OR he purposely screw his fuck partner hard enough in order to make her moannnnn like a cow over there !! so disgusted !!

hmm , the housemate who always downloading can go open DVD shop soon !! Collecting porn more than 200G !! Fuiyo .. amazing is it !! whoever needs porn , no need waste money go out buy DVD , take your external hard disk to my house , i let you guys FREE COPY it - provided that the freaking fella never turn off the shared line between my computer and his !!

Hmm .. just got to knew that , there is plenty of stupid but useful way to earn money !!! here i list down the instance which i never believe is true yet it really happened in this world !! 1st scenario , Alex Tew - one ang mo who is believe 23 this year making a homepage which allow users to advertise on it earned USD 1million !! The web page is totally dumb and not creative , yet , this world got other stupid ass invest in it !! amazing !! this stories make me think that money is really easy to earn as long as you dare enough to do it !! can go to surf the web yourself and make ur own eyes big big enough to see how this so hai make USD 1 million by doing a simple thing , here is the web site !!

2nd story , a lady who bear with a big big big bad debt , creating a homepage and got donation from it !! finally clear off her debt and gained a big profit from it !! Lols ... whether you believe she is in a hard time or not , people still donate to her !! Like that also can earn money , what the heck !! It is better than those begger around subang asking money everyday !! sit down at home and refresh your bank account every hour in order to see money rolling in little by little !! Lols .. this kind of idea , where to find !! It sound stupid and useless , but it is workable and proved to be TRUE in america !! Lols ... see , a lot of lazy work to be done in this world to earn big money , so , any of my blog reader got any idea ?? Lets comment to me and we work hard on it together !! =) hehehe

i am still finding a job !! Despo on my future job already !! wanted to simply join a job but the fact is that i cannot do that since the so hai Bodowi announce a fuel hike plus there will go on FLOATATION on Fuel Price soon !! so ,now cannot simply work in one firm , msut see how much they willing to pay me in order to get my brain to commit to them !! >.< Any good job intro to me ? Feel free to send me the company Email Address and let me send my resume in !! thanks ... xDDD