I'm Alex :)

Will Eu Wait For Mua

I need to talk with you again,why did you go away??
All our time together, just feels like yesterday!
I never thought I would see a single day without you.
You see the things we take for granted, we can sometimes lose.
And if I promise not to fell this pain, will I see you again??
Time will pass me by, maybe I'll never learn to smile, but i know I will make it through...
If you wait for me.
And all the tears I cry,no matter how I try.They will never bring you home to me!
Do you remember how it was,when we never seemed to care.
Days went by so quickly,cos I thought you'd always be there.
It's hard to let you go,though I know that I must try.
I feel like I've been cheated,cos we never said goodbye.
And I miss you so,and I need to know,Will you wait for me???