I'm Alex :)

Party May 08

Poppy night @ Nicole !! Thanks wor fei lou brother for taking this pic , but how come i looks so wet !!
Deng deng deng .. Maison nite @ Big family !! Fei lou , where you looking la thou a lot camera is on us !! Pay attention leh !! Why that notti botak showing ghost face there ??
Muahaha .. mua time showing ghost face !!
Maison nite @ Billy !! Buu ... one drunk and one stupid !! Definitely the behind one is drunk with his favourite finger posting , check it out Yo !!
Buu .. guess who is this sexy lady !! >.< sure not my gal lo !! but someone future gf !! cheh ... her name is Guo Lan Ah Po !! Selling apple , watermelon , Oranje , Strawberry and Mango @ Petaling street there ! got time then go her stall buy fruits bah !! xPPP

Before June still can patron club always , after our beloved so hai Goverment announcement of increasing price on petrol , its time to say Sayonara to my playground !! T.T silly act by government !! never take good consideration on those people who have limited income but need to live on this big big inflation city , Malaysia Boleh , Badawi Boleh , New Government Boleh , Tapi I TAK BOLEH !! Inflation like cock , go out eat Roti telur bawang also cost me RM 2 @ the cheapest mamak in Subang !!! How to survive in KL if i still dont get my job !! Pray pray Pray ...


Anonymous said...

ALEXXXXX u rockzz ...
jealous nia ....
when u gonna bring me along !!!