I'm Alex :)

Scratch Scratch

Yawn... last night i was sleeping soooooo early ! Before 12am i was already on my bed hugging my pillow and meeting with Mr Zhou's daughter !! Hmm ... but i just cannot get my comfortable rest !! Only slept for less than 7 hours then wake up already ! Sigh ... Feel so not syok !! Now i am scratching my back !! So early wake up , do not know whether i should go for breakfast or not !! sigh .. hate to have my breakfast alone !! Sigh ...

Huh .. Spain really win 4-1 !!! OMG !!! Whatever la !! I did not bet also !! But hopes those my friends who are investing in Euro Cup this time win a lot !! =) Do not let bookies scam all your RM away !! Lols .. my housemate's friend sure crying in the room again !! Telling me : 老大,今晚有 Kang Tao !买Spain and Greece !一吃一放!保赢!! Lols .. lucky never trust him !! if not , really banking in my RM into Republic Bank of BOOKIES !! - . - but guess that the fella sure crying there alone in the room again !! Lols .. every night also one win one lose !! Handphone credit also need to lose away already this time !!

Hmm .. later 3pm got an important interview @ KLCC !! Hope this time the offer suit me and i will love the job !! The most important things are - they would love to welcome me to their team too !! Wakakaka !! Lets pray for me !! Gambatehhhhh ....