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Conversation with Mr X 10 minutes ago

DK:ei ... heart dam pain la wei !! you know the story (bla bla bla)
X: yeap ... like knife stabbing in !
DK:what to do ... that son of the bitch !!!
X: ....
DK:feel like wanna punch that bastard !!
X: Gogogo ...
DK:Own Hand or hire ?
X: Own hand more meaningful
DK: .......
X:suk chun ark u ?!?
DK:better hire assasin !!

story and name was edited to avoid any inconvenience that might happened !! Lols ... and this is based on true story !! Thou some of the word is changed too !! =)

Money makes thing happen !! It is really a good phrase !! No need to do something which will spoil your image !! Use brain and money to make things happen !! it is always the best to sit down and watch rather than having ownself involved !! =) we shall wait and see !! Lols .. Most happening case this year !!

You're my target ! Bounty Hunter will get you down !! And definitely you will be a dead fish soon !!! Sorry is too late because you really an ass hole !!!! Fuck it idiot !!!!!

Thou He damn angry with some point .. meaningful or not !! but advised that better do it with brain !! =) clever people use Brain to work ... silly ass use butt to word !! Clever people need to talk and make things happen , while so hai need to listen and do work !! XD !! so ... whether to be a clever villaint or a so hai bad ass ... it is up to you !!