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Deng deng deng ... recently added one girl in friendster , just because she looks cute then simply add her (what i usually do la , but i think most of the guys oso will do the same thing lo , leng lui then click 'Add As Friend' ) . Hmm .. her nick is Mhina Dewi !! From her name , people sure will think , what ?!? Dewi ? Indian fella ark ? Not interested to view her la , but ... ngek ngek ... better go click search then you will get a shock from it !! :)

Wahsai ... Thursday morning is Barcelona Vs Man Utd !! Both also my supported team !! Hmm ... how come GOD so cruel , so early arrange them meeting !! Sigh ... dont know which team should i support for this 07Champion's League ! Barcelona got Lionel Messi ! Man Utd got Carlos Tevez !! Both also my idol ... Hmm ... early prediction for that match FT Barcelona 1-2 Man Utd !! yeap o ... by the way , i will go watch LIVE on Thursday mid night @ Darus Salam, anyone interested to join ?? Contact me via here or leave a msg to my cell phone :) will arrange gang go together !!

oh my gosh ... really cant wait for this coming thursday night !! not because of Maison College Girls night , but is because of some important meeting that i have to attend !! although i have prepared whatever need to be done , but still scared to go that meeting !! Phobia of listening those words like : i think something is wrong ... or i think we still can improve on this area !! Oh My GOD ... how come cannot let me hear something like : Yessss .. well done ! We will arrange to meet someone next week or please get ready everything in order start your big mission soon !!
*pray pray pray ... faster let my dream comes true ark .... i cant wait to see my first 'tong' of gold already !!

oh yeap ... wanted to greet that skinny spec girl - nicole - happy birthday !! Lols ... no present for you ... if want present , ask from chi gor siang or botak wai la ... since the two gor gor so good to you .. muahaha !! :) and best wishes for you - stay nerdy forever !! xDDD