I'm Alex :)

Terrible Nite T.T

Phew .. finally getting back to my own room !! Was goin out to do my work today , whole day never come back home !! Was slacking around Pyramid @ 12am , Coco Banana looks fun , will go to patronize it next time when all the 'kaki-s' coming back KL !! Ah Zheng supposed to bring me and HWai to BarCelona , but duno what he was doin just now , Cell Phone suddenly Out Of Battery ... -.- wasting our time to wait him whole night !!

Hohoho ... Guywayne ark guywayne ... guess who i met at Pyramid ?!?! Barbie Doll lo ... wahaha ... She holding hands with a Guy jor lo .. No chance la u .. xDDDD (HWai force me to write it out one) Tell u , she is damn 瘟神 , after saw her around starbucks ark , then we walked back to take car. Then HWai switch on the cd player and press repeat on his favourite track - track no 18. Then something bad happened, the track was stuck and cannot load !! Wat the heck ... after seeing this 瘟神, CD also spoil !! =.=

Back to my stupid silly room, this was a terrible night!! Because my Lock was stuck and i cannot enter my room!! Luckily got few housemates giving a helping hand , lending me screwdriver and umbrella and one side of stocking !! Then using my GOD STRENGH, kicking the lock till it break and fall off , then using umbrella to push the Lock and screwdriver to screw the nuts , then the door which made of wood also broke, making pieces of wood fly out !! And Alex using the stocking peel off the broken wood and pull the final part of the lock to help me unlock the whole door , if not , i going to camp in my living room !! sigh ... this all must blame to the next door mr nin nin who go to lock the silly main door and my cheap skate landlord who always used cheap quality goods ! Now we broke the door , see how he going to repair it ... wohoho ... he going to repair it with extra fees !! :P no one will admit that who breaking the door , all planning to cheat on him that some robbers break in our house AGAIN !! >.>

AFter this exhausted vandalism action , whole house went to McD have tea !! Woohu , never expect that Mcd 2am still got a lot customers !! :) The best part was not seeing so many people having their meal at McD , it is all because see-ing an angel there !! Lols ... :) make us feel that it is really worthy to walk so far together and having our tea over there ... hohoho !!

p/s : survey made by my 贱 gang, taylors really starting to produce less good quality 'FLOWERS' , the two other colleges next door to it seem to dominant the market , Wahahaa .... A small tips to those Single and Available men , go to Inti / MetroPolitan Fishing bahs !! No need waste time in Taylors pond , no good fish over there . ngek ngek ngek .... :)