I'm Alex :)

Z.z Waiting for my BRUNCH

Hmm ... whole night dint sleep !! Is it because i get to know that Roma defeated 2 goals margin by MU ? Or is it i over-using my peanut brain to think something which is unnecessary ?? Haiz ... headache !!

Ngek ngek ngek ... but good news is later 12pm guywayne gonna accompany me go for my brunch !! Hmm .. today meal is going one place that i have missed for such a long time - Pasar Mix Rice ! Sound like a bit cheap right , i know is cheap , but really miss the days when all of my friends and classmates rushing together to Pasar there and we have our meal together !! :) sweet memory ...

Haiz ... going to faint down soon ... i'm starving .... :( time not fly , but time is crawling slowly , one sec by one sec , how come i feel like i m so freaking FREE and got nothing to do??

Back to Football , LOLs, i wanted to meet wen siang ASAP , i want to see his cat face , see how he cried in front of me , told him already that ROMA going to sink , Lols ... Dai 4 for u Siang , support Roma la , balik kampung makan jagung sudah ini !! wohoho :D