I'm Alex :)

Thanks ...

wow ... just came back from Poppy Garden !! Doesnt hope to get so much return from this trip, but today its a lucky day!! 4PM++ Weijen fetch me go to Pyramid , we goin to 龙的传人 for the Lunch !! Then sitting over there chatting till 6Pm++ and head to Starbucks !! :) Thou it seem like we got nothing to do in the restaurant, but it was really happy and meaningful for me ! Long time never chat with Leslie , when we get down to talk, not even in business, we think back what was really happening 4 years ago, it was a sweet memory !! Weijen too , a happy fruit among friends who bring me joyness during that lunch time !!

Hmm ... while in Starbucks, Leslie laughing my cup of coffeeeeee that was 'really big' (will post the picture soon) , but i really love ESPRESSO, since i seldom drink coffee, i think it was something like DADAH for me (oppss, thou i dont smoke, but i get the steam from drinking ESPRESSO) !! Then we have our conversation till 10PM .. i really appreaciate those chit chat , memories .... :) thanks for spending time with me , really :) and thanks for the FIBRE drink, -.- i was suffering because LEslie asking me drink in the CAr PArk ... Taste not so nice but the Function 100% quality GUARANTEED !!

Oks... back to Poppy Garden , met with Yen n Celia - really surprise to saw both of them there , because we normally met on Maison :)
Then , Kelly was there too ... hahaha , lots of things happening in the club tonight !! Only GOD, Guywayne & Kelly know the result + story of it, even i as a PRODIGY also cannot sense anything from it !!

Hmm .. besides , Big gurl Man Shiin also celebrate her Birdsssday over there !! OPss... My Jie Jie Michelle Ho , happy birthday too !! i will send present back to KK soon !! no worries !! This is really such a SMALL WORLD , my brother's best friend - Richard , is colleague of Man Shiin , Lols ... we do enjoy the night together , dont you agree ??

Deng DEng denG ... time to Confession , Man Shiin brought a body guard over there , i think she is the type i seeking for ... But hor , she seem like a big baby gurl !! Lols ... jumping + dancing round the club whole night .. i stalking you whole night la ... even when i go toilet , i asking Guywayne to help me 'kap' u so that no one will take advantage on you !! After a longgg conversation with you in Mamak + way back home , finally what i insist to believe on you was right damn worth , cause i knew that u was not such type of galssss that the rumour spread !! :) What i keep insisting among my gangs were right , you're what i think you are !! You were such a nice gem among the diamonds :) ngek ngek ngek ... but , we living in different world , somemore u knew me thru a bad stories , -.- thought that i am the bad guy in the incident , i swear , i really never do anything in that case , if i did , i will admit , but i really dint get any thing in return besides of asking friends all out to help me settle the Gangsterism Case happened in Subang !! i_i sad .... Hmm , i'll always remember you told Man Shiin that you're comfy with Good Nites Greeting, ngek ngek .. will try to crap wif some greetings for you from tonight onwards xPPP ...

p/s: wayne ... think properly what you want lo, dont simply promise 'her' if you still blur with your target !! although i do hope you will get what you want .... :) do take good consideration before promising her anything !! you're tipsy this night !! :) see you in one week time , bring me 'tau sar peng' - my favourite Penang Delite :) xDDD