I'm Alex :)


Sigh ... what was really causing i have such a bad luck !! Everything must be changed and edited and fixed so many times !! Im really tired of doing this stuff !! Wanted to stop already !! Edit so many times still could not reach the satisfactory level !! Are we really useless in this ? Or we really never put in effort on this ?? >.<
Thanks for you both always stand by me, encouraging me during this long long war. As what u both said , we could achieve the GOAL as long as we stay together and fight it !! But i really run out of time !! What can i do?? 6 more days we entering into month of May !! Do we really reach what we have plan in the beginning??? i'm tired of editing and changing that what i believe is complete !! Since my principle is , imcomplete is what a human nature !! so ,demand to be so complete is something too much.
Today i OiOi for 12 hours , such a long time never take so long rest !! Feeling Dizzy since i wake up , and feeling so depress right now when i got the news that we got to change something that we dont think is important !! My heart, mind, body is in torn and wore condition right now!! really no energy to continue what i believe is true !! Do GOD really exist ?? Do i really need to walk so hard to get the ham of my life ?? Gosh .....
Need a beer session so badly !! Anyone going to relax today ?? Contact me , im moody ... need a BREAK !!