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Sigh ... Chern was coming back Subang for his work ! Thou we only manage to meet for one day for gathering , but it is quite enough !! We have lots memories together and talked a lot of stories of it !! Lols .. it is damn funny !! :)

The one who working always complaining that their work is not suitable or they cant adapt to the environment !! Hmm , but can we think back is that we are the one who is incapable of what the job is offering ?? Or really the working conditions hindering us to perform the best of us ?!?
Lots of friends who are working right now really facing the same problem , but i do wish that they can overcome this ASAP because no matter you switch to which firm , the problem is still the same !! Better learning from right now how to control those unexepected circumstances and how to survive in this Cruel world !! 'Survival of The Fittest' , only strong human being can dominant the future market, only people who can adapt well to new environment in a quick time can own the power .. this is what those great CEO always said ! So , better not blame anything but just try to do your very best in your job , ME- Dark Knight sincerely wish that all of my friends will have a better days in their working environment :) hope that all of you out there can meet a good senior or manager and guide you guys to a brighter future !!

Back to my ownself , really feeling so scared right now !! Dont know when is the exact operation date of my own business , parents was questioning whether i was really working and finding job over KL or i was just slacking here !! >.< To my beloved Dad, i was trying so hard to find my dream job , please be patient and support me , i really need YOUR support !!

Some of my friends was so jealous of my FLEXIBILITY - no need work after graduate , always slacking and enjoying !! But in fact, my mood was 90% wanted to work right now as i have a lot of LIFE PLAN need to be executed and 10% want to continue slacking as there is stress-free life !! But , i knew that i cannot continue this kind of life because im not a kid anymore , there is a lot of people who need me taking care as soon as i get my job !! The most important thing is - i have promised EU that i will work hard !! Will get my job start and earn a lot more than your daddy and provide 2 times more than what your daddy give you now !! WAit me .. i will do as what i promise !! :)

Today wishes & prayers : Hope all my friends who working will get promotion soon and Wish that you girls over Sydney dont get a bad cool , take care of your Health !! Ah- MEn *Yawn , its 5 in the morning , its time to go bed , later 10am promise Fren to have breakfast together *


Jenna said...

i'm having a really bad cold now.. sigh.. cough non stop.. i think i am gona have an asthma attack soon