I'm Alex :)

Is Amaze-ING

i dont believe in horoscope thingy, especially those posted in web one!! But ...

Your mind is razor sharp today, and it will enable you to tackle all your assignments and commitments with the grace of a ballet dancer! Other people would feel overwhelmed if they were in your toe-shoes, but not you! Maybe it's the recent good news you got that is keeping you smiling, or maybe it's just that wonderful sense of confidence you have been working to hard to achieve. You are smart, you are capable, and today you will be impressing people left and right.

hmm ... something really happening to me !! my job that i kenot complete one last time but really can finish it perfectly within a short time !! then something that i keep dream of was really so near to me .... its kinda like - horoscope thing really amazing !!

Plus yesterday horoscope said that i will know somebody real attitude , then whether i can accept the person or not as i knew that he is imperfect !! really happen too as one of my frens showing me his real attitude !! but i do understand his situation too ! so im not just forgiving him but im helping him to solve his problem too ! because everyone in this world always stand on their own shoes first before taking care of their surrouding !!

hmm ... must find one day go find bomoh to help me foresee my future already , cause it was really amazing with the horoscope thing , anyone interested to join me ?? can contact me via my chatbox here :)