I'm Alex :)

Love ME not

Wow ... what a good day for me, wake up soooo early in the morning :) but found out that this is all because of my sickness ... >.< !! plus silly air cond still leaking .... T.T

Huh, a wise uncle told me ' Fool me once, shame on you ; Fool me twice, shame on me' . Was soooo agreed with him !! In order to get proceed to a more successful life, we must learn to get fool by the others - never fall never learn. :)

Wow .. time really fly , it is almsot May !! >.< ... but i am still a proffesional slacker here !! Getting nothing pay off from my works !!!

i feel so happy for this few days, finally, i get back what i pray for such a long time.YOU , finally talk back as usual to me as last time, we have crazy chatzz over the line, doing some silly act thru the cam and sharing the story together with the toys :) suddenly got back the feeling of being pampered by YOU.

Back to real topic, some friends are getting so down cause when they taking their move to tell out their feeling to a girl, but their request was just being ignored !! Poor friends ... dont give up, the sky was still blue and the sun will rise from east , nothing has changes thou !! :)

Oh Gosh .. 4 days ago , a girl suddenly PM me with a tittle of ' Alexlynn, you are not LOYAL to your gal' . *knock knock knock* , was knocking my own head and think , what ?!? when did i never Loyal to my own girl ?? Yaya .. im a flirt but im not a S-Hole... Lols ... Life was always like that !! When you treat a person good, they are start taking advantage from you ; When you stop acting nice, they will complaint this and that !!

Hahaha .. Thanks Danny for the great news you bring to me from Sydney :) Do enjoy your days over there !! Hehehe ...

And wanted to Congratz that you get 33.75 for it .. LoLs!! Was Ss all alone in the room !! Lucky still got me celebrating it with YOU ! :) Keep it the good works , will see you back soon !! take care there