I'm Alex :)

Boys love FU !!

Uhu ... 3 words to describe why boi go after a gal !! 3 FU words - FUn, FUck OR FUture !!

For myself , during my early age before i met HER, most of the gals i couple with is just for funzz !! Due to lots of free time during teenage life, MI and gangs always spend times in school campus doing a wonderful checklist on gals who are qualify for us to choose for. Most of the successful 'MISSION' is mainly for funzz. Holding hands together, going tea-movie-party-park-bla bla bla is all just for fun. But most of it just really for fun, doing nothing extra ordinary besides sharing our free time together in order to fill up our lonelinessssss ..... i guess that there is still plenty of FISHES are trying this stage which meant by me above.

Check this out, the 2nd stage might not did by all of the good boisss out there, but it always happen in the CITY LIFE!!! Now, when a boi are legally to own a license and could drive wherever they love to, they might seek this kinda of relationship - FUck aka ONS (One Nite Stand). :) well, interesting topic to start with. One might think that i will never do ONS, but seriously asking yourself before go to ur lovely bed, really dont want or really no guts??? IF ya staying in a city like KUALA LUMPUR, i do think that u will never ever miss a chance to listen your friends' stories which told you that one of their friends experiencing a fancy, excited ONS!! And some cases even worst, some of your GAL-Friends was cheated by some Jack S just for a FUCK moment. :(

Okays,get back to the lame excuse boys always mention and promise to their partner when a gal seek for insurance. Boi will promise and mention that the partner they courting or couple with is definitely their future!! Weeeharr ... sincerely asking yourself , are you damn sure the girl you couple with now is really your future ?? or u are just trying to go for FUn or FUck !!

For me who have tried the stage of FUn FUck & FUture. I can honestly speak that, among the stories i went thru in the past, only a gal is really my FUTURE - MISS T. When you own something, you will never learn to cherish it ; but you will only cherish their existence once they are never holding by you.

Ajaran from this crap stories , enjoy ur life with FUN & FUCK before ready to commit yourself to FUTURE because FUTURE needs patient and heart to build up. :)