I'm Alex :)

Mr B n Mr J

Lols ... Mr B & J , sound like Beng Joo , or could spell as Blow Job too ....
Nonono .... none of it !! But story is between Brad and James !! Lols ... UWE got one weirdo who always wanted to stick with James - Brad , thou i just saw him from picture. But can confirm that he is a GAY !!! By just judging from the way he sit + eat his KFC , definitely confirm he is kinda gay !! James so lucky, got one Gay kiddo so care for him !! Lols ... Chris , u over England there can relax jo , since ur brother here got some kid take care of him.

Brad & X conversation :
Brad : Where is James ? How come he never come class?
X: How i know ? U've better call him urself !
Brad: What shirt James wear ? I think he is Stylo ..
X:Whatever ....
Brad:Is it very comfy to take a ride with James car ??
X: .....(speechless,this gay hai, dont ever near me plz)

Lols ... JAmes ark JAmes ... not only gal want hunt you , Feeling + Brad for u now , what a Lucky Ass ark !! ngek ngek ngek .... enjoy your Days bah .... muahahaha !!! xDDDD


churekie said...

u farker!!!! wat the hell! u this fellow a, i tell david gay find u then only u know! kakaka

Gw said...

nice blog ever!!! kekkeke