I'm Alex :)

>.< freaking scared of SE ..

P1i - Sony Ericsson (hope tat my spelling was right) . Oh my GOsh .. the phone has dam a lot of weakness !! Button hard to press since it was so small and contain two alphabet on it !! If fat man or gal (no offense ark) using it , i wodner how they can speed typing sms to their friends !!

and the most freaking horror part was the small pen !! Wei Jen told me that the Pen was broken into two parts when he was using it to scratch his back !! i thought he was kidding !! But oh Gosh ... back to few hours earlier , my brother Wayne told me his Pen was broke and stuck in the Phone !! >.< oh my god , how can SE produce a low quality product for the market !!

must think carefully next time when choosing any PDA phone ...

p/s : dont cry ark lil wayne , gor gor will get u a new pen soon :D muahaha !!


Gw said...

u owe mi a PEN!!!