I'm Alex :)

Stary Stary Night

Haiz .. plan to sleep early early everyday start from tonight but could not make it !! Thanks to next door couple making some 'ngi ngo ngi ngo' , 'aish aish aish' , 'yeeeeee,u bad lar' , 'hahahahaha' + a lot more funny sound and talk!! Hmm , so 'early' wake up already , but what can i do ?? want sleep back but hard lo, not as tired as after my dinner with Wai. Want go out YC session but guess that Wai would not be free since he is Pia-ing with his studies ( i hope he is really studying because that silly Wai always 'curi-tulang' when study in his own room, love to click this and that and let his own soul out from body and making a world tour) Zzzzz , anyway , hope you can do well in your Mid Term Exam !!!

In order to revenge for making me wake up, i think now i must listen some nice music such as Cyclone , Satisfaction, Keep Your Hands Off my Girl and Bla bla bla which is some soft rock music or trance so that both of Them could not have a sweet dream too !! Ngek ngek ... i knew i am evil , but what to do , they not a good and considerate housemate too !! Open the volume so loud while watching their drama, talking so loud like using Microphone , Gosh ..... i become Mr GOo SIi LAi soon , can pick up things to critic + scold anytime , anywhere and anyone !! Lols ....

Hmm ... Tonight i should be getting my ass Sitting in Barcelona or Maison !! Reason i not appear there because Youth starting to work already, since my KAKI is not going , so its no point for me to shake my ASS over there myself . Han Wei also putting my aeroplane , telling me that will go BarCelona but ownself flying to Cheras to pick up his PEI NI!!! LOLs , relax .... never angry you but blessing you over here so that u could successful court her .
P/s: Yen ... sorry , i FFK you since i never go to any of the club ... Haha ... but you so cute with your new hairstyle , CURLY KID IN ACTION ~~~

Weeeehar ... is it going x 3, i dont know , what ya lookin' for .... ENJOY MY MUSIC right now : )