I'm Alex :)

Appreciate Friends

wow .. finally i feel the power of friendship again !! Thou i was so depress and down yesterday !! And whole night wanted to go for my beer session !! But ...Whatever happen to me , friends are so important to me !! :P accompany me whole night in order to make my mood turn back to the normal me !! Bringing a lot of Joy and Fun to cheerz me up :)
I wanted to say , Thanks you Guywayne, Ming han, Wen Siang, BillyTello and Yumiko !! Thanks for whole night accompany me acting crazy ... Cause i really releasing my streessssss thru the funny act we perform just now !! xDDDD
i will become a Good Director soon !! Hmm ... :) Malaysia most shining star is going to born !! ngek ngek ngek .... yeap o ... i still figuring the girl - looks like Rachael Ong one , who knew that girl , please tell me ! Lols ... i helping my lovely brother to hunt her !! Okie bahs .. as long as whoever tell me the her name , net contact , phone contact, all will be given RM10 !! hohoho ... hiring bounty hunter right here !! xDDD (see i so good, help u find the girl liao ... since no more Rachael Ong for you , find a good substitute for you ... ngek ngek ngek xPPP u know who are u liao lar ... see i treat u so brother jor ... muahahaha )
woot ... sun also climb out liao .. is time for me go bed !! Hahaha ... just recieve a SMS from KieKie ... haha ... so sweet ark ... so early wake up and greet me ... Lols .. thought that u still enjoying ur trip at Genting ... xDDDD Future nurse , i small sick big sick also will go visit you jor , ready your medicines bahs ... wakakaka !!!
Uhu .. yeap o ... angry , tu lan , marah , 生气 ... what the heck this BillyTello ark , we all went Silva wait you , mana tahu u go to Happy Hour jor ... Ciuz .. make us 4 sohaiz waiting in the mamak there .. lucky i so clever ark ... still remember call you and check ur position ... Cis ... next time never follow trip liao must let us know la .. that Chi Gor Siang fly down to Subang leh , pity him !! Ngek ngek ngek ... NExt time u sing a song , Yumiko Sing a song for us then okay jor ... Sing a SOrry For The Stupid Things YOu Both Do for us ... in order to appologize to us that making we 4 waiting you guys ... >.<
p/s: Poh Yuet ark .. dont blame yourself la ... Whole KL also knew you are a best friend la ... If She still angry you for something that is really not big deal ... then just let her angry bahs .. you so kind also will make people angry .. that means her attitude also not good lor !! Dont think too much jor .. if very clueless , find ah ma and talk lo .. if scared ah ma angry , then find Chris lo .. Lols ... because that two persons treat you very well plus are your VVIP in your life leh .. wahaha ... anything still cannot settle, tell me bahs .. i will lend both of my hands for you ... Lols .. will help you as far as i can !! Gambateh ... dont think too much jor ... :)


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