I'm Alex :)


Owhhh .. happy birthday mr botak !! you are officially 22 now !! no more 21 for u , so the key no need to wear anymore .. because its over !! Xp

Wow .. just took a 2 hours rest last night and i was like a superman going for function and dinner @Genting highland till 1am just reached home !!!

EEewwww ... today no much surprises happened in life beside see-ing elaine's chio sis plus Xp , CP LENG LUI Hugging me and take photo !! Xp ... Daniel , u kena Ta Pao la , see i no need ask more they will entertaint me one !! =)

Oh my GOD !! Bad case Bad Thing Bad Bad Bad .... First , Broke jo this month !! Going to deal with financial matter again !! Second , where the heck if my work ?? IT should be done by this week right ?? How come i still see no improvement from it , what the @#$% !!! Third , picture making me think he is a bastard (again) !! But , i learnt from the past , better let 'em hit the wall and get the lessons before giving more advices and help to them ! Since it wont help much !!
And Last ... i manage a new skill - What Happens there End there !! No more prolong of enjoyment , no more prolong of suffer-ness and no one prolong of dreaming !!! Life is better if i pursuit this type of mind-set !!