I'm Alex :)


oh gosh .. i love this book so much !! and yeah .. u going to get me one right mr wayne !! [=__=`] dun forget bout it ark !! even u forget i will also keep remembered u like a beeeeeeeee turning around ur head !! see the cin kak face of this cute baby , how enjoying of his expression !! I hope that i will have the mood of him everyday !!

another sleepless night for me !! i slept for less than 16 hours for 3 days !! but yet , i am still feeling energitic !! Whats all this bout ??? my brain is filled with idea , plans and ways of execution while mid night is coming !! Gosh .. its killing me !! cannot even take a good sleep !!

ahem ahem .. ladies and gentlemen , i am ..... FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN !! i felt that my heart is beating faster than usual !! i felt that i am the feeling of waiting is comes alive once more !! oh my gosh lo .. this is not a good sign !! my heart should stop in the past and never thinking about of having an extraordinary beatin' and pulse !! someone ... someone please save meeeeeeee !!