I'm Alex :)

tobe | nottobe

hmm .. fate ark fate !! how come love to fool me around ?? hmm , is it must insist on my decision ?? resisting something tat i thought before is a good sign ??

goshhhh .. i m so damn blur with my current situation now !! beside working so hard from august , i really have no idea what my future will lay at !! cant really see clearly where can i stay on !! but , one thing for sure , i must insist , persevere and never say die to my target !! this is the FATE that will never change !! Action must be taken , initiative must be motivated out and results are all wait me in the end point !!

ei .. kawan kawan , abang adik , kakak kakak ... [- .-'] dun pressure miss P ark ... lols .. all suddenly go view profile !! nanti the rahsia very fast terbocor one !! Let everything goes smoothly , got onot is the other things jo !! (^.^~)v happy that all of you are supporting me ark !! LoLs ... i knew i never get a bad apple before right ?? thats why my standard is always stay in the high rank !!

hate interview damn much !! what kind of interview i never went thru before , CEO , Director , GM bla bla bla .. all is kinda bull shit !!! i gonna love my own business much , putting more time and effort + getting my returns from it is far more better than the offer i going to get from all this sick job !! working for others is just an excuse to cover someone mouth !!! i HATE interviewwwwwwwwwwww !! Yet , i need to go [T_________T*]