I'm Alex :)


oh my GOD .. got news to share out here !! i dont think this time with picture can speak out all my feeling !! news as in good or bad !! i personally dont know where to start with , if follow the flow of my life , good things come in first before bad things spoil the mood !! So, here it goes ...

Leaving the blog world and facing the reality show for two days is really enough for me !! i have learnt to share things with my brother , learn to leave some space for my own and keeping all the secret between me and my bear !! This FEeling is awesome !! i felt great once again !! i love to control things but i hate to be controlled by FATE !! everything i do this year , all of it is lack of luck and fate , is this what Ling Ling Sifu want to hint me that this year is very very very BAD to me ?? Oh ya .. i knew this is so true !! Because what she said is all happen -ing to me now !!

Actually good things is not really so big news to me , business is starting to blossom , someone give me a good call !! Bringing some news tat i wan to listen , and i really saw money flowing in my bank now !! =) oh ... feeling so good !! and , i never expect that when i bring something to my friends , they will get motivated by so much !! REALLY never !! but it happens !! dont know is that they are in excitement period , or really the things are working ?!?! i am kinda confuse , but one thing i UN is that things work out perfectly this time !! yea yea .. i calling over you , and you are still ss-ing with my silly so call sai mui there , hmm , life is great over there !! Well Done .. *Applause* for you as you found a new life !!

ahem ahem .. good things really wont presist for too long !! counting date is stopped half way !! because we knew this is over !! and the figure is not accurate too !! ishhhh ..... i got a smart brother to guess away all the miracle box in my head , he is smart !! and he really become another person !! is it because of Ling Ling Sifu motivate him one ?? Love to talk a lot , tease people to the max and start getting all of the clue on my mind !! Happy to see him turn to the type of person i wish him to be !! Yayaya .. dont pull the topic away !! Since this paragraph should leave to bad news right ? For me , CAreer and Love .. Sifu ask me choose one !! Alamak .. how to answer ??? Love ?? CAreer ?? *dick dock dick dock* no answer for it !! Because i want own both !!! She , got a new bf ; He , is still single but no more available !! And Me , with the head of loving to get tortured by hard feeling ...

Till now , i just realised where is all the motivation comes from , i love to see myself get hurt , because i learn to control my temper there , i learn to ride on it ; not to be ride by them !! And i really get motivated once i felt down !! Because , my R8 is waiting me , our dream of riding some hot horse is still clear in my mind and how i enjoy laying on a feather sofa is still hot in brain !! i love emotionally abused by others because i am freak , one of a kind like GENIUS !! i felt more idea once my feeling is abused by others . I felt empty when i was living in a wonderful and relaxing life. Only mentally abused me , making me felt upset , making me felt i am loser i will get the will to turn every bad things good again !! LIKE NOW , i am gonna see my RM 1million turns into my bank ! LIKE NOW, i am gonna see how friends teamwork can earn a big fortune together ! AND LIKE NOW, i am gonna taste the power of being supported by friends !! I strongly believe GOD will never set a hard path on us , only we as an silly minded terresterial walk in a hard way .

What start here should end here !! I lost anything in the battle field , i will grant it back there !! Frankly speaking , i love people frank with me !! back stabber is a NO for me !! i Love friends support me , my boss said want help me hit him , my partner with a 6 in life want to become evil with me to break his belonging , my soul mate said will help me curse him every week behind Petaling Street , my brother say will teman me whack him even thou will cause him another scar !! I am happy with it !! They help me win back all the necessary feeling from the emotional battle field !!

If my friends still dont know me by now , they will never never know me anymore !! Even some small little kids can see me so clear !!

FYI , xiao wai ark ... yeap la .. i got mix feeling for almost 1 hour leh !! They never settle down !! Bouncing like a pin ball that is never gonna stop !! My heart like got a knife stab in, my world is like stopping for 3 second ; but all this thing is just gonna make me tougher !! Poh poh also said i make someone tougher. So do some other fella will make me tougher !! Each day from now , i will live in more realistic way , more meaningful day !! i work hard because i never said die to my current poor situation !! i said no to drug because i used to see how other lose their life in it !! Remember , i always said : ei , wai ark ..what if we got money we fly to Manchester for one match of LIVE ?? really , i am always dream of using own money to do my dream job !! But , i am still wroking hard on it !!

Once my very best friend asked me : Hey , Chi Yee , are u serious ?? You writing that ur dream job for almost 10 years ( primary n secondary school time my school used to have weird survey) for the same position : 何志宇想成为军火走私大亨 !! Because of this few little chinese words , i was sent to counselling for more than 10 times !! because of this silly things , my parents are scaring that one day i will do bad things because i wan to get rich !!! Time flies when we are happy , until now , i am 23 of age , finally i dont have the idea to get rich by the mean of doing something that will hurt our society !! But , in fact , i would love to create a LOVE society as what i have plan to take out the money i earn from my web to donate out to the needs !! although i wont take 100% out , but at least i with my partner have make a verbal agreement to take few hundred thousands out to donate for the orphan !! They are our future leader , without them we cannot see future !! And they deserved better life not just that throw aside in the corner and earn a living as a cheap labour .

wua ... actually to learn control the mix feeling is quite hard leh !! but i want to give myself an applause , today , i just have a small tear drop down , and i never try to listen rock music to calm my mind !! in stead , i listening soft music and forcing myself to calm down !! and this is just a beggining , there is more to learn !! And thanks a million to you ark botak , u seem like can sense my feeling whenever i tell u something ark , u seem can read my mind when i put out something ; u drink GREEN liao is it , become so smart d !! =) okie la .. last year we'v ebeen to bangkok together rite ? this year , if we manage to earn enough , lets go to Manchester , i serious d , i paid the hotel , makan n air ticket u kao tim urself !! ngek ngek ngek ... Ferdinand , here we come !! wakakaka !! i am take an autograph from him !! =)

by the way , i love blogging !! because i think whatever i said here , is so real , no need go add oil add salt add vinegar !! Life is so real here !!! whatever i blog out , is something i believe is true and something i want to share !! Not like real life , sometime we need to see situation , if not , talk something wrongly , will cause a lot damage to us !!

and for those kawan kawan who are get surrounder by my private life lately . for all ur guys gals ladies gentlemen information , no more news will come out btween me n her !! everything is over for now !! Full time 0-0 !! nothing good or bad happen !! no worry man !! i am still the evil me !! and thanks for paying attention to my blog !! and being so patient to read all of the words !! because i found out that boys blog is so not attractive , readers are love to go after bloggers who are girls especially pretty chiq , hot chiq , sexy chiq !! and one more handsome guys , but i dont htink handdsome guys will spend time on blog .. normally they will use all their time beating some stick , flirting hot chiq , bull on some shit and bla bla bla !!! so .. very very appreaciate for the HARD TIME you guys spend on my BLOG !! Ciaoz .. tonite 到此为止 !!