I'm Alex :)

Aint it too rush ??

Lols .. never been happy like that !! Happy is normal case , but standing in the middle of problems and can laugh it out is the first time experience for me !! LOLs ... HE inspired me today !! Look at his expression really making me felt so relieve todaY !! Gar Yao lar Heng Dai , you making my life easier lar !! Really bro , thou u knew my problem right now , but oni few of ur suggestion really can lighten my burden !! Wakaka .. Wait us go to Pearl , Lols .. That time want those who look down on us one die kao kao !! Funny la wei ... u suddenly told me this kind of things !! Really making me relief leh !! No worry ! We can make it if we believe !! Like ur SECRET book taught you rite , how to think it ark ??? Think it positively and you shall make it , right ?? So ... i should listen more advice from you this newbie psychologist lor !! Xp

And oh yea .. this is the Chinese Lyric i LOVE most !! Sharing with you guys !! See i emo for few days already .. but this Song making my life better !! Heal IT INSTANTLY !!

风走在我们前面 甩裙摆画着圆圈歌
花美得兴高采烈 那香味有点阴险词
你在我旁边的旁边 但影子却肩碰肩转
明明是昨天的事情 怎么今天我还在经历
想问个愚蠢问题 我们再这样下去 你猜会走到哪里
像这样触电 就够我快乐熔化
就这样触电 一直甜蜜触电 直到爆炸 
像一年四个季节 都被你变成夏天 
我才会在你面前 总是被晒红了脸 
像一百万个秋千 在我心里面叛变 
被你指尖碰到指尖 我瞬间就被荡到天边