I'm Alex :)

Pc Fair

wow ... been out to PC FAIR for some purpose for the whole day !! morning is going out to Kepong for Dim Sum !! Then reach KLCC around 2pm !! Then what i call this operation as 'shark hunting' , we search the whole Pc Fair for more than 5 times !! but i still could not find her !!! just can see Kei Fei and Vern Li working for Kingston redemption centre !! Ceh .. i thought going to ask the details from the counter then can lock in and minise the area of searching !! mana tahu ... sigh !! i was almost heart broken for getting nothing for today !! so tired !! Sleeping for only less than 2 hours then went out for the whole day but end up only go out joke around but did nothing !!

Hmm .. Ling Ling's Master was right !! i should not turn and turn around in the same point sometime !! Look forward , be persevere on my goals !! At Last , i shall see my light !! Hohoho .. almost 8pm that time finally let me saw her !! Lols .. (^^,)v wakaka !! almost cant recognise her as my eyes are really falling down and i am so damn tired that kept walking for the whole day !! LoLs ... Ling Ling's master really accurate !! No need force something if i felt that the thing will come naturally !! Lets work hard and wait for the result !! Things wont change in a sudden , it takes time to transform your hard work , it needs me be patient while waiting result !!! :)

Conclude ... i am very very happy today !! eeekkk .... its not happy only , its very very very excited for today !! LOLs