I'm Alex :)


I figured out that , GOD wanted me to be alone from now on because of HER !!! I decided to wait for now on although i am 100% confirm that SHE got a new boyfriend , there is no coincidence that i gotta wait till her break up and i just gotta wait there !!

Sometime i really wished i can find a love in the club !! But it aint my style !! And baby will come closer and let daddy look at ya'' , but not to stay with ya'' for the rest of my life !! So , i really dont believe can find a love in the club !!

Oh baby , i wont give up waiting !! I listen to the FATE of mine !! Persevere is the key to unlock my success and target !!

Ya friend , no worry for my EMO-ness lately !! I really burdened by all the wordload on my shoulders !! I shall go for an easy path right ?? BEing early out to work then 6 pm off and back to home , this is so called EASY LIFE and having a RM2800 on hand , is kinda worthy for a graduate that holding a Bachelor Degree like me !! But , how come i so stubborn and choosed the hard path ?? Having to earn some living by increased the burden on my shoulder , mentally pressuring myself plus having to pass my life so 'ke lian' !! Till now , i still not yet figure out my answer !! But the proper way to describe my attitude is - i m a risk taker !! No risk No Return !! I love challenges !! Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task !! Somemore i have passed up my plan which forced me to wait for a right timing !! The business plan is just having ITS 1st anniversary , but yet i am still waiting to execute and operate the business !! At first , i am the one who rushing the plan , scaring that i will waste my time like that ; now the other 2 partners felt the same pressure too !! I think 3 of us should really sit down and seek out one solution , then we gotta talk with out BOSS already , we cant keep wait like that !! One day in the future when i get rich , i will never forget how i pass my 22 -23 years old life !! I raising fund for my business by all the mean !! I rise my own self by a lot of method but not the illegal ways !! And i got all the support from friends along the route to see my 1st tong of GOLDS !!!

I hate to be alone !! I hate it !! But , good guys always dont deserve a good girl !! Amitofo , my ex-es are all good girls , but i am bad boi !! Now i want to become good guy , but i dont even deserve a bad girl to share my time with !!

And i really dont know how to start a topic with 'BITCH' on it !! Because i dont know whether is that my right to comment on them !! i can write for a 7k words of essay on the bitches i have met during my college life !! There is so many bitches out there !! But now i want to advertise again , i seeking for Cinderella !! OR Snow White also boleh !! And ishhhh ... no 'sao nga mui' for me !! And no pork chop allow !! I so slim , how to makan those oily stuff la !! Dont try to intro 'fei mui' clan for me okay ?? Ciaoz .. is time to rest , my skin is turning back due to over stress this few days plus lacking the time for resting my mind !!

p/s : Dav ark Dav , consider what i said in the Mamak just now !! LoLs ... SHE IS URS !!! Xp !! Okay la .. i knew u both no relation , no 'ai mei' , have nothing .... but .. hohoho !! Lets TIE the red thread between both of you , maybe there will be something happen !! Kekekeke .. and please dont sing the song to me , i dont need it already !! Now i enjoy my Collection of Baby Face, K, Boyz II Men songs !!!