I'm Alex :)


haiz .. how i wish to use my real name to note down some remarks for her !! At least , we both will feel better right ??

but , i choosing to be the silencer or so called - invisible man !! I rather to be hidden all the way and observed her life !!! Thats why , im always the loser in this game !! Sometimes , spoken out is useless unless action is taken !! We all knew that , but ... there is always some hurdles to stop me do so !! This year , luck is not by my side !! Everything i do sure hit wall or bang bumpers ...

What to do , life still goes on ; and i gonna march forward slowly !! Because i cant fell down , i dont have the chance to slow down and i have my mission to complete with !!

And oh yea , need my blessing ?? How to bless others if you dont want to let go ?? I rather i keep my voice and assist you whenever you need !! Or , we can be a super stranger from now on !! =) i used to it already , my life are filled with single color - BLUE !! No RED color will occupy it , at least i confirm within 2 -3 months i will be still single but not available !! =) maybe after some up and down , my country will open tender again , who knows !! But i damn enjoy my own mood now , locking in a small room and peeping from the small window !! Its kinda .......... FRESH !!!

I LOVE KE PO GIRL !! KE PO in terms they love to talk and non-stop talking with me is the best !! Because i dont plan to be the noise maker all the time !! =D

ciaoz .. is time for bed again !!