I'm Alex :)

GirlFriend Needed !! URGENT !!

GirlFriend Vacancy
Name :
Friendster Add:
number of Ex BF:
please send all ur details to !! this is not a joke !! i am serious i hiring my girlfriend !! good remuneration !!

Requirement :

  1. Pierce tounge / belly
  2. Tattoo
  3. Short Hair
  4. Bracer (As long as you got wear before or wearing now)
  5. A sweet sound like Cheong Pak Chi
  6. Good looking

As long as you hit any two of the above conditions , you are encouraged to apply !! Never has any of the terms above is welcome to apply too , i will set you as waiting list !! :)

p/s: a good boy fren like me is hard to find !! so hurry up apply for it Xp !!