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have no photo to upload today !! bcoz i dun plan to take any photo !! i am very emo now !! er , at least i can control my emo-ness , i wont simly go out shout or bite !! but , i felt my mood is swinging like rollercoaster !! i cant make it peaceful u(T.T*)u !! At first , i thought wat is so good making my ex have a long conversation with me !! alamak betul , all of my friends knew jor also will say :' see, monyet is going to have his berry back' !! hey hey hey , all dun misunderstood k ? i personally really never see any chance of miracle will happen now !!! so , i always keep a normal heart on this matter !! somemore , i really put down a lot jor !! Really , i mean it !! then , i still mong cha cha how come she kept said i never change !! or in other words , why said i m still tat lembu in the way i do things ?? did i throwing temper on u again ?? did i make u sad again ? or did i do anything wrong again ?? And oh yea , my previous blog is really filled with frustated words pluse emotion , that is what i think la , i hate one of ur fren because i think she is using you all the way !! and yeah , i am the type of man who keeps my words !! i promise to greet u in happiness on ur future , i said liao i will do !! yaya .. i m unpredictable sometime , i can be crazy i can be serious , i can be true i can be fake , i can be sincer i can be motive actor !! but at least if i promise , i will do it !! thats my principle !! nah ... just forget bout it la !! i sincerely say SORRY to u if i cause u any hard feeling for Yesterday !! Sorry !! and yeah , u dont want me mention her right ? see , i remember , i never mention the fella , okay ?? i meet your expectation ??! at least i try to become and adapt as a best friend role now !!

and back to the big things which double strike on me !! and yea , i know this world is cruel !! i know hard to survive in a big city like KL !!i really do , i swear !! nowadays , not only pretty chiqs talking bout the issue of being materialistic , even the UGLY ones also going on the same trend - MATERIALISTIC too!! what strikes me till i so emo ark !! i think u guys shud know what i want mentioning here lor !! Right ?? is it Bread is more important than Love in a relationship ?? is it there is always money can buy love thing exist in this big city?? sincerely, my ex with me seldom use my money , i mean even she use it , she spend it wisely !! she will buy back something equalvalent to me !! ya ma , sure like tat one lor , tak kan i buy for u , u never give me some prezzie ?? then this is call not fair lor !! If the term of FEMALE and MALE is EQUAL in this city is stand , is correct and is agree by gals , then my theory of exchanging gift between couple also stands !! Hmm , if sometime have a small prezzie, or some special occasion , i think a boi must 'sek do' lo, prepare present for the other half !! But if like it cost you few hundreds monthly in order to buy the relationship you are having now , i dont think it is a stable LOVE STORY , the relationship sure will appear problem one day as if the boi start not treating the gf so good one day , or start less Sparkle in life , bring less gf go to hang kai , movie or travel , then the GF will feel tired or less life or sien or boring towards this relationship !! and this lead to the problem of less communication and goes on to less caring on each other and END up , BREAK UP with each other !! actually i am super optimistic guy , as what you all knows , i can be funny all the time , and when time comes , i am serious with my job !! But ,i always dream of that every of the girl i met will be those type of 体谅 understanding one ! understanding in terms of she knows that this is hard to earn a penny in this society , so they will know the rule of A-A !! But, i dont think i will have strike for a 3rd GF who really understanding !! Oh yea , 1sst and 2nnd really understanding me enough , thats why until now i still cant forget how good are them to me !! thats why i still can keep it as a best friend with them after we broke up !! because we all knew that the life of being human is not easy , money is hard to earn , easy to spend !! thats why !!! hmm , yea , i knew in all of a sudden i told u all this u will sked off by me , but what i want to say is , we really so strange to each other now !! but it seems like i m owez the magnet to the surrounding , i love to talk , i love to joke , people are attracted by me !! so , whatever you told me as a SECRET ,i wont speak it out , i got another rule , Things happened where and it will end there !! There is no point to spread it out !! funny and small case are exemption of it !! and , i know la , i am a blund , dull , sparkleless diamond for now !! But at least I WILL WORK FOR LOVE!no matter how hard and how much my gf demand , i will work it out for her !! I'm serious and sincere with it !! But , trust is build from a longer horizont , takkan u simply go 'kao lui' on those gals u duno one and start couple life with them , am i right ? you can do it for one night stand , but not for a long term relationship !! And hell yeah , i am despo for a good gf to take care of me now !! anyone interested to apply this vacancy ?? OPEN VACANCY ON BEING ALEXLYNN GIRL FRIEND o(>.<*)oo !! can try contact me thru my email , leave ur application there on !! and yea , i love nice stuff !! i love nice people !! and if u asking me is it there is any of the favourite gals u might hope they apply for it , the answer is ....... YA LA !! But what to do , who want a poor egg now ?!?! /(U.U*)/ so sad to get to know that my luck is really in a poor form this year !! lucky still got a lot friends supporting me along my career , if not , can say GG to me now !! and yea , i hinting that at least she will apply it , really , sincere or for fun , just apply it bahs !!

haiz .. i should not talk so much sometimes !! it makes myself so blur , messy and wild !! i want a P-E-A-C-E in my life !! arrrrrrgggghhhh , what can i do !?!?

Ahem ahem , i always mention , if a girl has INTERCOURSE with male for more than the quantity of 1 , i wont choose this kind of lady !! and yea , i insist on this idea !! Either new or 2nd hand for me , no 3rd or 4th or so on to me , if so , they are always be stay with me as PIT STOP only , their road shall be continued !! Lucky , luckily , and seem like arrange by GOD !! All of the one i really plan to go on with , is all First or Second hand !! :) there is still something good happen to me !! okie la .. a lot of rubbish words today AGAIN !! better stop here thou i still got a lot to write .... Nites all my fellow friends !!


churekie said...

darn.... tooooo loooooooong, read half way can't tahan d

DarkKnight said...

shud read finish it !! this is a real real story i wan to share out !! imean after my emo-nesss , i calm down jor , write out my feeling in a good sequence