I'm Alex :)


Hmm .. This cap only got 1 in malaysia !! But , you really want ask him to make you one exactly d same ?? I dont think he will do so !! Unless you show out ur innocent, noob, cham, blur and a BIG SMILE to him , maybe that time he will think bout it !! Lols .. never thought that d shop is owned by your friend ark .. so next time i show your name i can get discount right ?? Xp ... if cannot , then the discount i will claim from you !! ngek ngek ngek ...

ever listen KATRINA before ?? hmm .. its a nice but pathetic song ! I have change the lyric for almost 2 hours , and i'ma gonna save it till the best time and i'll sing it for HER !! i knew the day will come , the day that she heart broke will come . So , im like a lil' devil preparing all the necessary steps in order to calm her down!! Plus must train a good shoulder so that can let her lean when times r right !! Woooooya , i never miss predict anything that in my mind is 99% correct. It same goes to my own life !! If it doesnt come now, it's just d matter of time !! So, i'ma gonna wait till it come !!

Im god damn relax now !! Hope Friday can hear some good news !! And yea .. study hard JAMES !! dont try to sneak out and pak tou or tea time or anything related to ur computer, jsut concentrate on ur studies for now !! 2 more days for ya lil' ass !! better prepare well !! You can do it !! =) All da best !!