I'm Alex :)

DREAM - r.e.v.i.v.e

Her rabbit .. cute leh !! But she force him to pose rude fingers !!
This one more cham .. she force her to say rude words !! Somemore telling me she is willing to say it herself !! This kind of owner ark ... speechless !! Xp , silly mushroom , force ur babies to say rude words Xp ...

WAAA ....have been suffering to answer all those questions popping out from my brain !! Yea .. now then i found back the most critical answer that keep me as a whole till now - my DREAM !!

yea yea .. finally i get back the feeling of become a strong young ambitious entrepreneur again !! not because of the fail session of interview today , or because of an offering from the in the afternoon just now, it is because of a word !! Ur life is fill with business blood , u will not succeed if you working for others , u will not happy if u working for others , and finally u will not shine if u working for others.

Oh yea ... my web site is almost done !! Except that the Co-ordinate and payment form plus email link is still dead !! Sigh , what to do , the one in charge is so busy !! This only making both of me n james to keep waiting and paying to yahoo for nothing only !! Hosting plus web address thing is not a cheap thing , we paid for 2 months but in return we still not yet see anything comes out from it !! Sigh .... But good news is , our web got improvement !! not like the dull plus unprofessional previous web site !! This time i feel relief a bit !!

Hmm .. on the other hand , my fibre business is very good !! Except that now is in a rush to get complete our quotas !! hmm .. there is still a bit more to fill up with !! So , must gambateh to fight the quotas already !!

Talking bak to my big big plan - ADVERTISING ! GG lar this time , no news at all beside seeing my own advisor busy with his mobile power biz !! Zzz ... This time can die lor !! Haiz ...
and oh yea .. thou all of my plans are stuck with some obstacles , but it wont stop me from moving forward !! i gotta break the stones , throw it away and make a good path to move forward !! never say no before die !! =)