I'm Alex :)


oh shittt ... i am sick !! Cough ... Sob .. !! no one take care me , thats why sick lo !!
hmm ... here i go with my Cantonese blog !! Hmm .. words wrong please teach me to write the correct one !! And oh ya , content : Faul Language , Aggresive Term 18SG


Support MC 仁 and his new album !! Hmm .. here is the link to listen the song !! ER ... GALS are not allow to listen !! Contained too many Foul Language !! Boys are Allow !! Rwak n Roll !!

Oh yea .. request from public !! Need me write Post Bout 贱人 !!Let me think properly before i start once which is meaningful !! Because my mind only got two leh !! but if i wrote out , i will make someone angry me !! so , that two samples cannot use !! Let me think bout it first k !! :)

and oh yea .. 客家人 do enjoy the above link MUSIC !!! FUC KIN MUSIC Rwaks again !! Thanks to MC 仁 , Chef and TT !!