I'm Alex :)


once again , i back to hell !! oh yea , i do love hell a lot !! at least , all of us in the place are evil !! non of it are different !! no angel in that place !! i met a lot of my junior , ex classmate bla bla bal over there !! i even met with my ex-housemate there !! but , she looked enjoying with the conversation with my lovely brother !!! aiya .. dont k la , at least i still talk wif my funny friend - yen and galfrens Xp . yeah yea ... once again , i burn my liver with the pure alcohol , once again i contaminated my lungs with the mentol cigarette !! hmm , if this is not hell , what can i descirbe it ??

oh ya ... i found out another ROSHAN in the club !! he is a funny guy , popping around with the 200cm body !! LoLs .. i nid to take my head up in order to talk with him !! Amazingly , he friend with the chinese tough boucer as i do !! And his body is so flexible , popping around !! Oh yea ... nice to meet you !! When i go Kelantan we should meet and go for seafood as you told me !! hehe !!

tonight ,i really relax my mind !! Shouting in the club , dancing like a monkey , jumping like an ape and hopping like a big fat rabbit !! every stress is put down in the club !! Life should like this , whenever we not happy , we shout it out !! whenever we get bully , we voice out !! Hohohoho ... i take out my heart and talked with friends again !! HE agreed what i said ; i appreciate he listened to it !! ANd WE agreeed that i continue to go after her !! This is the best interest for all of the parties !! Oh yea .. i dont want to hint it anymore , later will cost me a lot !! =P i just demand more time to build a TRUST , a more known database between each other , nothing else !! =) i with botak also need used almost 3 years to build a trust between each other right ??? Pyramid is not build within a week , so do trust , love , relationship !! We should give each other more time , freedom , space in order to know more !! Xp ... babi you guys ... i vomit u all very happy is it !! i makan indo mee double for dinner only !! Who is the one kept asking go to club !! Cis betul ... i the one tolong others minum all the pure pure liquor .. cin kak la .. gals also want bully , somemore she is my friend leh , tak tolong macam not good !! Cheh ... at least i am clear and awake after the 2 minutes of suffering !! i do enjoy it max !! XD ... long time never suffer like that ... my liver felt the pain , my stomach felt the heat and i myself feel the steps within my heart !! i want to JUMP, DANCE .... XD !!! I love CLEAN CLUBBING !!! :)

oh by the way .. sorry la tak ajak some of my kawan go to club .. because this session is made all in a sudden , i cannot ajak all of u guys attend , no worry , i promised to organise one by gathering right ?? ready ur name card ... we all need to exchange info there !! =) gogogo , ale ale ale ... wait for my big plan bahs !!! Jya .. is time for bed !!