I'm Alex :)


i am back to world of blog !! wow ... i felt the term of LIFE IS LIKE A ROLLERCOASTER !! i have mix feeling and mood for the past two days !! Happy , Excited , Sad , Down , Emo , Lost !! All of these feelings are surrounding me for the past two days !! Friends are still friends !! Giving me a candle while i were in the darkest moment !! Holding my hand cross the road , Finger Crossing showing me confident and be my avid listener when i want to bull shit a lot and complaint a lot !! Wow .. this is so called life !! Having different feelings and mood within 2 days is really challenging !! Suddenly u see i crapping around like normal me and laughing non-stop ;but after tea session , will whining like a big baby in the room !!

oppsss ... time going out for business !! so will continue with my blog tonite !! and hell yea , Olympic is starting , but i dont have any interest on it !! so its non of my business !! Xp