I'm Alex :)


wua ... more than 10 persons waiting me !! Really this time !! LoLs .. after club .. more than 10 persons waiting me to finish my chat with an important person !! Huh .. saw me crying rite ?? right out side the club and crying out there !! :P Lols ... rare to see right ? But it is all true !! Cant deny that i telling out the deepest feeling of my own agan !! to the one guy who just came back from england not long ago !! Hmm .. maybe he is another library that can store my secret at !!

Really .. i felt so relieve when i cried in front of him and told him what is really hiding inside of my own !! He , felt my pain ! He , within his eyes , felt my emotion !! He , told me not to give up !!

And He ( the other he) , told me not to give up , and show to the one who look down on us becareful in the future , We , shud build an empire soon !! WE , got the power to change history !! And He, believe that our life is not depends on the fucking shit of degree that we gotta obtained in the future !! we , living now because we gotta build a better living soon !!

I believe that i have lock my heart within two girls which not belong to me !! I can see my future with either of them , and i cant breahte without connecting either of them !! I , without asking their permission , have my ownself along their lifes !! and i , really making myself living like a dwarf which need to seek assistance from the snow white !!!

I especially Thanks to friends live in Subang , J.I. , and Setiawan who accompany me tonight and giving me all the support and words that i need to hear !! Really, a simple greeting or text is enough to make me walk till the END !!! I LOVE YOU GUYS !! It rocks my life !!!

Dont look down to anyone who below us, because they are willing to do anything in order to success as i gonna do anything in order to make myself the headline in the paper of Malaysia !! Really , stay tune and u will see ALEXLYNN is on the PAPER for something good !! Dont you agree my partners ?? We are going to make difference in our society !!

I LOve You Guys especially those who support me !! I Love The birthday boi , giving so much courage and i Love Both of you girls that giving me a reason to get rich before approaching either of you again !! You both make sense of madness as i really lose my way to seem to anyone who understand me !! sometimes i just hope to get at least a greeting from a gal everyday to ask bout me , and i tried to reach all of u everyday , now and forever , i will be the MAN !!

Go on Girl ... as long as you are happy , all these times , i will live happily !!!

Especially thanks To David !! Thanks for caring me , i really speechless for your godness as you knew me just for a short time , u are an avid listener plus a good friend to make with !!

Gosh .. i gotta sleep now !! because i knew i stil have a long way to go ... Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen !! i LOVE you guys !! i really do

I LOVE my ex- IRENE and i LOVE PEGGIE who steal the reason of my life to stay at west malaysia !! =) all the best to all my friends !! i might leave the BLOG for sometimes soon !! hope to see you guys soon !! felt free to visit !! Will have more updates there on my series of goodwill and donation will write on it !! All da best and Selamat Berjaya Di Kehidupan Kawan Kawan Ku !! Ku CINTAI MU !!!