I'm Alex :)

away from blog world [2daysperiod]

i miss , i love , i cherish , i commit [not the therms to use right now]

i think bout , i like , i notice , i try [the right terms to use right now]

hmm .. its not a good day !! reality not equal to my creativity !! no 1, web should be get done by today , but yet i still need to wait ... ishhhhhh ! 2nd, office house ?? house office ?? which is the true term ?? and what kind of environment it will be ?!? ish betullll again !! 3rd , the usual things i love to wonder , all is mixing up and down right now !!!! (>___<*)

finally , please give us some space !! i not belong to anyone right now , i am me , she not commited to anyone too !! Later create unnecessary problem then tak bagus lor !! Oh yea Oh yea ... club club , i am coming back soon with our new look !! Roaaarrr like a lion , party like a rwaaaakkk star , act like a super star , talk like a freak star , smile like a twinkle twinkle little star and FUCK like a porn star !!!

I ONLY WANT TO SEE E SMILE !! Oh yea ... nagging from parents should be the best thing we ever get !! If they dont nag us , then they are forgetting us plus less caring us !! So , just see things the other way you should find it out that a lot of people is caring you !!