I'm Alex :)


Wow ... Pictures speak a million words !! Lets see this sor chai face , can guess what my mood is in right ?? Omg ... how come the backlight cover part of my forehead !! silly room's light !! ishhh ... O.o new friends asking to see my face , because they cant see clearly from my profile picture how i looks like !!! deng deng deng .... this is how i look like !!
Yeap yeap ... big ears , funny face , rabbit fingers , mohawk hair style and my secret weapon -- big n round tummy !! Lols ....
Today really a miserable day !! plan to wake up early and do my stuff !! mana tahu sleep till noon time just got my ass up from my lovely and comfortable bed !! (=____=) i am the one consider very good !! botak zai more worst than me , never call him den he will sleep till very late until sun burn his ass !! Lols ... we went for the famous Pork Mee soup !! Wow , lucky still on time , as our order is almost the last call !! They are packing to go back !!
huh ... talking bout my partner James , he more terrible !! Oioi till so late baru wake up !! >.> what eye and emotion you want me to show you ark boss !! so late baru wake up , how to go out do our things wor !! I knew one lar .. your darling just back , sure you busy making a third life in your room right !! ngek ngek .. okay okay , Iii Iii Sir , understand , wont disturb your sweet life !! Wakakaka ... But thanks wor , you really making out the perfect layout !! I view the layout u done one really good and better than the one Pole first time did for us one !! ?Haha ... it seems more professional in design plus more attracting !! Because our own Logo become smaller in size and there is more neat in the space arrangement !! wakaka !! ITs time to throw your darling old Panasonic phone lar Mr !!! always make me go to your Voiice Mail box !! Zzzzz .. sien with it !! =) oh yea ... This Friday we gotta go finalise with Pole , dont forget yo !!