I'm Alex :)


Lols ... finally wait till her online and have a happy conversation with her !! Oh right , promise to tell you how pathetic my life is without her right ? will post a special edition soon !! Oh yea ... and i got your number !! Lols .. relax , even i free also wont call you !! Lols .. but u can text me to kill off ur boredoom !!! Xp

Alamak ... this sunway Youth Event , really sucks to the max !! What lar KDU Taylors and Monash all participating on it !! What a lousy event i have ever been !! Show girl only 2 !! Some more is those scary ghost type !! Zzzzz .... want to go see car one , mana tahu the car park like a parking area !! this is what type of car show event ark !! Z.z .... oioi at home better !!

Okie la .. just found out that JunJun also collect teddy bear ark !! Lets bring ur teddy family and come to fight with mine !! Xp ... And the cactus your mum collecting one is really really awesome !! More than 20 types of cactus right ?? Hmm , want to buy some breeding cactus from you , because botak zai cactus mati jor , buy him a new plant better !! Lols ... =D

hmm ... 3am now , JAmes force me to sleep early !! tomorrow going to bring me the warranty card, box , flyers and my present from Bangkok !! If you forget again , your Hilux is going to be scarthed by FEELING teeth !! LOLS ... Xp .... Okie la ... here i come , teddy bear !!

Today wishes : Hope all of my friends live happily everyday !! All got a good and healthy life !! Ah- Men !!!