I'm Alex :)


buu .. finally can online properly !! Oh my Gosh ... housemate crazily downloading this few days !! Really got so many things for them to download ??? Sigh !!

Exhausted on todays programme !! Running here and there !!! Plus sleep for less than 3 hours then went for one meeting !! (^__________^) but really learn a lot from the meeting !! muahaha ... Photon photon here i come , you stay there , i fix you ; money money here you go , bank are there , you hide there , i press you out ! Xp ....

Er .. Surprising leh James , we have our breakfast with somebody that i told you i will never contact with again !! Lols .. i also dont know why i will go out sparing our time breakfast together !! i should leave X alone so that i can concentrate on things i have plan plus i will clear up my mind right ?? But , today my mood change a lot , change in terms of recovered a lot !! Not that pathetic , not that live for vengence and i am really happy that we can sit down and talk like usual !! Aiyo , maybe botak is right la !! If Y is in the hospital , i should pay a visit lor !! Lols ... Since the fella 得罪人多,称呼人少! Somemore is a Class P standard compare with my CLass Distinciton !! No need fight and compare , the result is obvious !! Audi TT is better than Fairlady Z in term of outlook , engine + PRICE !! Im TT , He is Z , so ... obviously i wont have a good expectation on it lor (JAmes do i answer your morning question ?? )

Oh .. Miss Weak said i complaint too much in the blog !! She will only browse thru when she is patient enough + free !! So , i want simplify some of my blog !! I want to Put a picture like what she usually do in hers !! =3 here you go on the top , a nice wallpaper to show with readers here !! Oh yea .. this is provided by Mushroom , Thanks to her !! (^___^)v